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Leica DM750 binocular microscope
Prices From: Prices from: £1,119.00 ex. VAT
Product Description

The student-friendly features such as the EZStore which provides easy carrying and easy lifting and EZGuide with rounded edges, which allows one-handed slide loading and reduces slide chipping provide a safer classroom environment.
The teacher-friendly features, such as the EZLite which provides over 20 years of LED illumination and automatic time delay shutoff, saves time and energy.
ICC50 megapixal camera available to fit between head and body with USB and analogue outputs and software.

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Order NoDescriptionPrice:
ICC50 mega pixal digital camera 13613725£1,119.00
DM750trinocularLeica trinocular microscope bright field and phase contrast£2,777.00
DM750trinocularLeica trinocular microscope bright field£2,159.00
DM750 phaseLeica Binocular microscope bright field and phase contrast£2,536.00
DM750Leica Binocular microscope bright field£1,918.00