Circulaire Non-Ducted Fume & Particulate Extraction Cabinet C900
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Product Description

The Circulaire 900 is a brand new addition to the popular Circulaire range of ductless fume cupboards.

As its name suggests, the cabinet measures 900mm wide and has a full worksurface depth of 600mm. It is fitted with a huge capacity carbon filter which is 18kg in weight and 100mm deep.

The supplied carbon or HEPA filter will be matched specifically to your application to ensure the best possible containment. The Circulaire 900 has a large working aperture, integral low airflow alarm, low operating noise level, cable entry port and a unique carbon filter sealing mechanism with safe pre-filter change system. The folding acrylic sash allows excellent access to the work area and overhead lighting ensures the work is well lit and easy to work in. Finally, the Circulaire 900 is manufactured from Epoxy coated Zintec steel to ensure years of uninterrupted service.

Options include a removable worksurface/spillage tray and a base stand. Custom versions are available upon request. This cabinet is covered under our superb industry-leading 5 year warranty. This means that as we have so much confidence in our own equipment, we will warrant it is free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery.

This warranty includes parts (not consumables), labour and where applicable, covers repair at your (UK mainland) premises.

Main filters and outlet filters are sold separately.Laboratory Analysis take no resposibilty for incorrectly selected filters, please check prior to ordering.

C900 takes one main filter and one outlet filter(optional)

Circulaire 900 Non-Ducted - Specification

External Dimensions mm (WxDxH)  

900 x 600 x 1082    

Internal Dimensions mm (WxDxH)

850 x 600 x 760

Working Aperture mm (WxH)

790 x 250

Face Velocity

>0.5 m/sec


400 m3/hr

Filter Weight




Internal Lighting

18 watt fluorescent


Centrifugal, Brushless & Sparkless

Noise Level

<55 db(A)

Electrical Supply

240v – 500watts


Head: Epoxy Powder Coated Zintec Steel


Epoxy Powder Coated Zintec Steel frane with6mm clear acrylic front and side panels


Polypropylene Spillage Tray with or without sink, Base Stand


Product Code DescriptionPrice:
K-C900 Circulaire K-900 Non-Ducted Fume & Particulate Extraction Cabinet£2,545.00
Base Stand For C900 circulaire (spillage tray must also be purchased)£495.00
Stainless Steel Spillage Tray For C900 circulaire£195.00
GPR Spillage Tray For C900 circulaire£130.00
Polypropylene Spillage Tray For C900 circulaire£195.00
Replacement PrefilterPack of 10 prefilters for C900£85.00
J1000Delivery,installation and commissioning UK mainland£150.00
AC main filter Solvent carbon filter£250.00
ACID main filterMineral acid carbon filter£300.00
ACR main filterAlkali carbon filter£0.00
AMM main filterAmmonia carbon filter£340.00
CYN main filter Cyanide carbon filter£300.00
ETHER main filter Diethyl Ether carbon filter£300.00
FORM main filterAldehydes carbon filter£300.00
SUL main filterSulphurs carbon filter£300.00
SUL main filterSulphurs carbon filter£300.00
MCH main filter Custom mixture upto 4 types carbon filter (not HEPA)£300.00
ED main filter Educational carbon filter£300.00
HEPA main filterPowders/Dust High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (99.997% efficient @ 0.3 microns)£340.00
AC outlet filterSolvent outlet carbon filter£99.00
ACID outlet filter Mineral acid outlet carbon filter£120.00
ACR outlet filterAlkali outlet carbon filter£120.00
AMM outlet filterAmmonia outlet carbon filter£130.00
ETHER outlet filterDiethyl Ether outlet carbon filter£120.00
FORM outlet filterAldehydes outlet carbon filter£120.00
FORM outlet filterAldehydes outlet carbon filter£120.00
SUL outlet filterSulphurs outlet carbon filter£120.00
MCH outlet filterCustom outlet carbon filter mixture of upto 4 types (not HEPA)£120.00
ED outlet filterEducational outlet carbon filter£120.00
HEPA outlet filter Powders/Dust outlet High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (99.997% efficeient @ 0.3 microns)£350.00