Circulaire Non-Ducted Fume & Particulate Extraction Cabinet CT1100
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Product Description

The Circulaire 1100 is an 1100mm wide bench mounted fume cupboard, which incorporates the latest in containment technology to provide full compliance with COSHH regulations. Compliant with BS7989:2001, the Circulaire 1100 offers a range of filters to suit all applications.

The main filters consist of 2 x 14kg of activated carbon that will be specifically matched to your application and are monitored with a hydrocarbon detection system to assist in the replacement of carbon filters.‚ÄčOrdered searately

Monmouth Scientific’s brand new range of industry leading filtration fume cabinets are perfect for a huge variety of different applications.

Visionaire® touch screen control system utilise the latest in carbon and HEPA filter technology. The deep bed carbon filters and the large working aperture of the cabinet offer unrivalled operator protection from the inhalation of fumes and / or particulates.

The cabinets are available in a variety of sizes to ensure there is a model to suit most applications and laboratories. A selection of standard options for the range is available. These include base stands, undercupboards, trolleys, gas outlets, water and drainage services, rear mounted scaffold racks and
much more. For those instances when something standard won’t quite fit the bill, Monmouth offer a customisation service where we can modify an existing design or come up with a complete design just for you. 

Monmouth Scientific believes that you should not compromise on safety. That is why every bench mounted cabinet is supplied with 100mm deep carbon filter beds – the deepest of its type. In addition, every cabinet is fitted with a carbon filter saturation alarm, low airflow alarm and face velocity compensation to ensure the optimal cabinet air speed is always maintained.

Visionaire® Touch Screen Control System with automatic ECO operation

All new Monmouth Circulaire CT range cabinets are fitted with the very latest in touch screen technology, the Visionaire®. The full colour screen measures 4.3” (11cm) across and has over 130,000 pixels.

The Visionaire® control system has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Monmouth specifically for their range of laboratory cabinets.

The system provides probably the easiest to use and understand fume cabinet control system in the world and makes the Monmouth Circulaire CT range one of the most advanced cabinets of its type.

The new Visionaire® offers some of the following functions in its design:

  • Automatic ECO mode* lowers fan speed and switches off lights if cabinet is left unused
  • Welcome Screen
  • Filter application compatibility check
  • Audible* & highly visual alarm system
  • Visual display of airflow speed in m/sec or ft/min
  • Easily identifiable warning messages
  • Automatic filter type, part number, serial number and date change recognition
  • Hydrocarbon sensor and easily readable graph to warn of filter saturation
  • Reduced fan speed operation - for sensitive applications
  • Full information screen with next service date, last service date, hours run total and since last service, cabinet serial number, date of commissioning current time and date
  • PIN number access to Engineer & Supervisor settings
  • Full list of available filter types AND suitable applications
  • Fan running indicator

* These items can be deactivated via the Supervisor settings screen if required/prefered 

Circulaire 1100 Non-Ducted Fume & Particulate Extraction Cabinet£4,202.00