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ATEX (EX) Rated and Certified Filtration Fume Cabinet

Circulaire 1100EX and 1400EX
Prices From: Prices from: £19,120.00 ex. VAT
Product Description

The Circulaire 1100EX and 1400EX are both ATEX Zone 1/T4 type filtration fume cabinets. The cabinet is designed to provide operator and environmental protection. The cabinet provides an inflow of air >0.5m/sec through the working aperture to provide operator protection. The contaminated air is passed through pre-filters to remove gross particulate and then through carbon main filters to remove chemical contaminates. Finally, the air passes through a HEPA exhaust filter for fine particulate removal before being discharged back to the laboratory. All electrical components are rated for Zone 1/T4 use. 

The airflow is continuously monitored with a vane anemometer attached to the right side of the cabinet to provide a visual indication of face velocity.

The cabinets do not require connection to an external ventilation system and can be fitted with carbon filters for fume containment, HEPA filters for filtration of particulate or both if required. The system is available in two sizes, 1100mm wide and 1400mm.

Compliance with the ATEX Essential Health and Safety Requirements has been assured by compliance with: EN13463-1: 2009 - Please contact Monmouth for a full specification of this unit.

ATEX Rating

Ex = EC mark
II = is the group, our cabinets are certified as --- Electrical equipment intended for use in places with an explosive gas atmosphere other than mines susceptible to firedamp
2 = Zone 1 --- An area in which an explosive mixture is likely to occur in normal operation
IIB = The gas group and sub group --- II being surface above ground industries & B easily ignited gasses
G = Gas --- suitable for atmospheres containing gas
T4 = maximum temperature produced under fault conditions at an ambient temperature of 40?C

IMPORTANT: Monmouth Scientific Limited are not qualified to offer advice concerning ATEX installations. If you require assistance you should contsult an 'ATEX qualified' professional.

Product Code DescriptionPrice:
K-C1100EX Circulaire 1100EX£19,120.00
K-C1400EX Circulaire 1400EX£22,307.00