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HM-10E ergo head HM-10 stereo microscope on LED stand with HM-3FF Couse and fine focusing unitHM-3L4N LED illuminated stand for reflected and transmitted light includes focusing unit  HM-3TM Stand with tilting mirror including focusing unit (requires HM-3L illuminator)HM-3L2 Large long arm stand available from Laboratory Analysis Ltd

HM-10;Stereo zoom microscope
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Product Description

The MICROTEC HM-10 stereomicroscope has a 10:1 zoom system. The head is a parallel optics type, enabling phototubes to be inserted between the binocular head and the zoom body. The zoom unit incorporates a double iris diaphragm, enabling the depth of focus to be adjusted both visually and when recording images. The zoom range is 0.8x to 8x, giving a total; magnification range of 4x to 360x

There are two types of phototube insert.

Code HM-PT1
Photo insert with light split 50%
visual / 50% photo

Code HM-10PT2
Photo insert with light split 100%
visual / 100% photo

The HM-10 stereomicroscope can be used with any of the stereomicroscope stands in the extensive MICROTEC range


Plain Stand


Halogen incident
& transmitted stand


HM-3TMTransmitted stand
(Requires HM-3L Lamp)



Long arm stand


Large long
Arm stand


LED Incident & transmitted light stand

The HM-3F focusing unit needs to be ordered separately for use with the long arm stands





Please click here to download a PDF document for more information and technical specification.

Product CodeDescriptionPrice:
HM-10 HM-10Stereo zoom on HM-3L4 LED illuminated stand£1,850.00
HM-10B HM-10 binocular zoom head only£1,452.00
HM-10E HM-10 ergo binocular zoom head only£2,546.00
HM-3F Focusing unit£60.00
HM-3FF Course and fine focusing unit£110.00
HM-10PT2 phototube 100%/100%£450.00
HM-10TV2 C-mount adapter 0.5x£90.00
HM-1005AAdditional Objective 0.5X£120.00
HM-1020AAdditional Objective 1.5X£170.00
HM-3PPlain stand inc focusing unit£85.00
HM-3PTHalogen illuminated stand inc focusing unit£125.00
HM-3L4LED illuminated stand inc focusing unit£210.00
HM-3TMStand with tilting mirror,inc focusing unit£243.00
HM-3L1Long Arm Stand£184.00
HM-3L2Large Long Arm Stand£292.00
HM-3L7Long Reach Stand£430.00