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Laboratories Bench Photometer [HI-83200-02]
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Product Description

Multiparameter photometer

The HI 83200 is one of the most versatile photometers measuring up to 44 of the most important water quality parameters

Complete with a facility to log and transfer data to a PC via USB, this meter is designed for use in laboratories where high precision and detailed records are integral to the research and development programme.
To support operators through the analysis process without frequent recourse to the instruction manual, the instrument also benefits from a powerful interactive user support. Full tutorial is available in the Set up Menu while the Help menu provides assistance at every step during measurement.

Key features

  • Direct readout given in mg/L of parameter measured
  • Backlit LCD display improves clarity of readings
  • PC connection via USB facilitates detailed recording of data
  • Wide based bench casing with angled keyboard for ease of use
  • Logging facility stores up to 200 readings
  • Mains and battery options allow for use on the benchtop or in spaces with restricted access to power

  • Step by step support

  • Setup options include backlight, contrast, date, time
  • HELP key offers clear support on-screen
  • Select the parameter to be measured using the RANGE key
  • Tutorial function displays short guides to current operations
  • Press LOG key to save readings into memory
  • Press RCL key to recall logged information to the display

  • Supplied with

  • Sample cuvettes and caps
  • Bottle for DO analysis
  • Power adapter
  • Instructions
  • Reagents not included

  • Reagents
    Hanna offers a range of reagents to be used with our instruments to ensure optimum results and working performance.
    For details of the reagent required for each parameter, see the measuring table below and order guide over page.

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    HI-83200-02 Laboratories Bench Photometer£976.50