About us

Laboratory Analysis Ltd was established in 1988 with over 33 years supplying and servicing a wide range of  laboratory equipment and chemicals to industry, research and educational establishments throughout the UK and Channel Islands.

Based in Exeter, we offer our services to our customers in the South and West of England and South Wales. Our local engineers service a wide range of laboratory equipment at customers premises, or can arrange collection for workshop repairs. Please contact us for futher Information, or alternatively fill in an enquiry form under equipment servicing and waste disposal for a ‘no obligation’ quotation.


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Laboratory Analysis are the approved distributors of Honeywell, Nikon Microscopes in the South of England, West Country and Channel Islands. Go to our online shop and type in your honeywell or Sigma chemical product code for pricing and on line ordering.

We supply the following manufacturer's products:


Agilent;Honeywell; Fisher; Merck;Sigma;VWR;

GE Healthcare;Macherey-Nagel;Whatman;Kimberley-Clark;


Ohaus;Kern; Mettler ; Sartorius balances and filters

WTW;Hanna;Biochrom;Palintest;Anton Paar;Drager

Brand;Eppendorf; Heidolph;IKA;Thermo Scientific;

Motic;Tec microscopes;Nikon Microscopes;


We can also supply of VWR Products, SLS and Fisher Products. 

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Telephone: +44(0) 1392 876424

Mobile: 07393740017

Email: sales@laboratoryanalysis.co.uk