Nikon Eclipse Compound microscopes

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Nikon Eclipse Compound microscopes

Eclipse 200 LED Binocular Microscope
The Eclipse E200-LED is a built-to-last, top-quality biological microscope ideal for basic use with ...


Eclipse E200-LED

Nikon Ci Microscope available from laboratory Analysis

Nikon Eclipse Ci-E; Binocular C-TB Clinical microscope
Nikon's latest evolution in clinical microscopy. The Nikon Eclipse Ci-E offers the most advanced a ...


Nikon Eclipse Ci-E Binocular

Nikon Ni-U clinical microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ni-U; ErgoBinocular Reseach or Clinical microscope
Advanced research and clinical upright microscope combining superb optics with optional motorized a ...


Nikon Eclipse Ni-U Ergo Binocular

Nikon Polarising microscope E200 MV POL supplied by Laboratory Analysis Ltd

E200MV POL E; Nikon polarizing microscope
Nikon E200MV POL E Polarizing microscope complete with 4 Achromat P Objectives



Nikon E100 LED binocular microscope supplied by Laboratory Analysis

Nikon Eclipse E100-LED;Binocular student microscope with x4,x10and x40
A student microscope with LED illumination and exclusive CFI infinity optics delivering clear, at ...


Nikon Eclipse E100-LED

Nikon Polarising microscope PCM for Asbestos supplied by laboratory Analysis Ltd

E200LED PCM; Nikon Asbestos microscope
Nikon Eclipse E200LED for PCM / asbestos fibre counting complete with Walton/Beckett and phase x10 ...